Size Chart

Since we're an international company, our clothing may run larger or smaller than the size you usually wear. The size charts below show the measurements for all our standard clothing. Be sure to compare your measurements to these charts in order to ensure your dress fits!
Want an even better fit? We can tailor this dress to your custom measurements! There is no extra service costs now!

US SizeBustWaistHipsHollow to Floor
US 232.7525.535.7557.75
US 433.526.7536.557.75
US 634.7527.537.7559
US 835.528.2538.559
US 1036.529.539.7559.75
US 1238.253141.2559.75
US 1439.2532.754361
US 164133.754461
US 16W4336.2545.7561
US 18W4538.547.7561
US 20W46.754149.561
US 22W48.754351.561
US 24W51.2545.2553.561
US 26W53.2547.7555.561
US SizeBustWaistHipsHollow to Floor
US 2836591147
US 4856891147
US 6887096150
US 8907298150
US 109375101152
US 129779105152
US 1410083109155
US 1610486112155
US 16W10992116155
US 18W11498121155
US 20W119104126155
US 22W124109131155
US 24W130115136155
US 26W135121141155