This is a photo of my wife wearing this dress. She looks gorgeous in it

--Joshua Thomas

I special ordered this dress customized. I asked that it be made 30inches long with no jewels and fir on the jacket. They ran out of the animal print fabric and offered to refund my money. I asked if they could make it all the same or a different color. They went and made it all the same which in my opinion made it even better. The fabric is just what i expected very shiny, soft, and smooth. I will definitely be ordering from this company again

--Joshua Thomas

Beautiful dress! I sent in measurements and my dress was perfect. Additionally, they have helpful responsive customer service. I highly recommend them.

--Mukiri M.

The dress is great. Nicely made and I only need a few alterations done nothing serious it's just a bit to long and the halter on the neck needs to be a bit tighter ! They say if you have to alter then they reimburse you 40 percent so well see if they honor their policy, my only real complaint that they should definitely change , is they ship it wrapped up in a tiny bag and it could easily get damaged and since it was bunched in a bad it's wrinkled alot so I'll need to have it ironed :( I thought it would come at least in a box that fit the dress folded neatly not a bag you would normally send a t shirt in. Also mine fits quite well because I had my measures done professionally and gave my custom measures Instead of using the size chart

--Stacye Blosser