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    1 hours

Do you make children's bridesmaid dresses. There are two bridesmaids aged 7& 8 and we would like them in the same colour as the adult bridesmaids. Having seen this dress and really like it we realised that there was no dress for the two younger ones. I look forward to your reply.
Jane Kennedy

01/14/2017 By Jane Kennedy

Yes, you can order this bridesmaids dress with custom measurements for two younger ones. You can find the 'Custom Measurements' at the end of size area.

01/14/2017 By Jack

    12 hours

Would you send a small swatch of the colour Bristol Blue to check it against a kilt as you don't get a true colour looking at in on the computer. Thank you.

01/13/2017 By Jane Kennedy

Yes, please click this link:

You can choose at most 10 colors, the price $9.99 is just for shipping cost. Also, please enter the item # of the dress you want into 'Remarks' when you order it.

01/14/2017 By Jack

    15 hours

Hi, I have measured my bridesmaids but all their measurements fit into different sizes which is the most important measurement out of bust hips and waist to know which size to order. Thanks

03/05/2016 By Caroline Wilkins

You can order the dress in custom measurements, there is no extra cost. You can find the button called 'custom measurements' in size block.

03/05/2016 By Henela

    9 hours

Hi There

I'm in the process of finding bridesmaid dresses and this one has caught my eye. The flower on the dress is this clipped on and easy removed? Only I was a bridesmaid for my friend a couple years ago and this one is similar so I would like to be able to change the flower to bling.

I look forward to hearing from you

Many Thanks,

01/07/2016 By Kirsty

We can make the flower clipped on and easy removed. Please write a note into remarks when you order it. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

01/07/2016 By Henela

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