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    4 hours

Can two inch wide shoulder straps be added?

03/05/2018 By Dorothy

Yes, shoulder straps can be added.

03/05/2018 By Angel

    2 hours

Is this dress size true? I don’t see any reviews to see how it actually fit

11/08/2017 By Lynn Rushing

Yes, it is. You could choose size from the size chart or give us your custom measurements.

11/08/2017 By Angel

    1 hours

If I order today will it be here by the 14th September

09/06/2017 By Jennifer

Yes, you can receive this dress by Sep 14th if you order it today.

09/06/2017 By Jack

    3 hours

Hi if I order this next week will it arrive for the 20th June?? My postcode is B691le

05/28/2017 By Claire

Yes, it will arrive before  June 10th if you order it today.

05/28/2017 By Jack

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